Research consortium

  • Main applicant: Dr. C. Harris (University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies, United Kingdom)
  • Co-applicants: E.M. Owor (Uganda Land Alliance, Uganda) and H. Wright (Saferworld, United Kingdom)

Project information

While interest in gender and conflict is high among policymakers and peacebuilders, conflict analysis tools typically lack a strong gender lens. As a result, there is limited understanding of how gender norms including both masculinities and femininities impact on conflict dynamics, including how they drive conflict, insecurity and exclusion. SOAS, in collaboration with Saferworld and Uganda Land Alliance, propose to develop a gender analysis of conflict methodology to fill this gap, building on existing best practices for participatory conflict analysis, academic methodologies and research on gender and conflict. The methodology will be tested in one local conflict context in Uganda, combining primary and secondary research methods to analyse macro- and micro-level conflict dynamics. In line with Saferworld's commitment to understanding the perspectives of communities affected by conflict, a participatory approach will be used which seeks the perspectives of a diverse range of women and men. Knowledge and lessons learned through this process will be made available to policymakers and practitioners through the publication of a toolkit and video alongside substantive analysis on gender norms as drivers of conflict and insecurity in Uganda, and knowledge sharing events with (I)NGOs, donor agencies, academics and other interested stakeholders.

Project results