Research consortium

  • Main applicant: Dr. A.S. Muller (HiiL). 

Project information

In 2014 HiiL conducted a survey of people's justice needs in Mali. We interviewed 8000 Malians to evaluate the state of the rule of law. Key actors in the justice sector welcomed our report. The findings initiated discussions around the needs of citizens and possibilities for justice innovations. CSOs and public institutions are convinced of the value of evidence about bottom-up justice. Recently HiiL received concrete requests from the Malian Ministry of Justice as well as CSOs to find innovative ways for continuous use of the justice needs data.

In this proposal the consortium seeks to co-design an evidence-based justice tool (Justice Boxes). The JB is an interactive dashboard which organizes the available justice data around the justice needs of citizens. The tool will allow users to link various types of justice data in order to obtain a better idea about the performance of the existing justice processes.

This tool will empower CSOs to monitor justice from people's perspective and hold justice providers accountable. It will also assist donors in targeting their interventions and integrating their strategies. A test case focusing on the justice needs of the women in Mali will be developed to validate this tool using evidence-based data.

Project results