Research consortium

  • Main applicant: Dr. M.A.A. Elayah (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, the Netherlands) 
  • Co-applicant is Dr B. AbuOsba (Awam Foundation for Development & Culture, Yemen)

Project information

This project documents the perspective of civil society organizations (CSOs) on the National Dialogue Conference (NDC), a unique event without precedent in the region in terms of scale and reach, held in Yemen in 2013 to draw the country back from the brink of violent conflict.

Despite a positive initial evaluation, the recent outbreak of war has prompted many critical accounts of the Yemeni National Dialogue Conference (NDC), organized with strong donor support in 2013. In order to draw proper lessons from it, both for international donors and local civil society actors, the project takes up the following two tasks:

  1. A meta-analysis ('systematic review') of a comprehensive set of NDC evaluations published by academic researchers, political analysts, donor agencies etc. to pinpoint the NDC's strengths and weaknesses
  2. An elicitation among local civil society actors (including women's rights organizations) to document their perspective on the merits and flaws of the NDC. The results from both activities will be triangulated and synthesized in a research report. This report will serve as a quick reference for international donors when pushing for national dialogues in the Arab region (or elsewhere) in the future. A policy brief will be written for, and disseminated among, society organizations in Yemen, enabling them to formulate an adequate strategic response once participatory spaces reopen. Finally, an expert meeting with Dutch development agencies will be organized to reflect on the implications of the research results for their future involvement in Yemen.

Project results