Research consortium

  • Main applicant: Professor Jan Michiel Otto (Leiden University, Leiden Law School, the Netherlands)
  • Co-applicants: H. Burgman (Cordaid, the Netherlands), A. Wardak (University of South Wales, United Kingdom), (The Liaison Office, Afghanistan) and (Justice and Peace Commissions Way and Yambio, South Sudan)

Project information

Afghanistan and South Sudan are the sites for this comparative study on primary justice arrangements. The action research explores both people's conceptions of justice (e.g. concerning property conflicts) and the responses provided, in particular to women, through community-, state-, religion- or militia-based justice mechanisms and practices. Findings will be used in development programmes aimed at strengthening pathways for primary justice in fragile contexts

Project results


  • Research: Exploring Primary Justice in Insecure Contexts: South Sudan. Challenges, concerns, and elements that work