Research consortium

  • Main applicant: Dr. R. Willems (UPEACE Centre The Hague, the Netherlands)
  • Co-applicants: N. Plooijer (PAX for Peace, the Netherlands), and D. Deng (South Sudan Law Society, South Sudan)

Project information

This research project investigates the intersections between transitional justice and justice reform, and formal and informal justice mechanisms. The rationale for this is that 1) transitional justice and justice reform are intrinsically linked, and 2) both formal and informal justice mechanisms play a role in justice provision' both for transitional justice and justice provision general. 
Addressing both transitional justice and justice reform is considered paramount for dealing with South Sudan's past and current crisis, and for contributing to South Sudan's future stability. The project thereby directly addresses demands of local practitioners in South Sudan, and of the SSLS as co-applicant in particular. 

The aim is to identify opportunities for enhancing justice provision from a people's perspective, and to promote changes in policy and practice accordingly. To this end the project addresses the following two main research questions:

  1. What existing and potential opportunities for truth, justice and reconciliation can be identified in South Sudan with regard to the past and present crises?
  2. What are the strengths, weaknesses and interrelationships of different formal and informal justice systems, and what opportunities for reform can be identified in order to bring justice services into greater conformity with user needs?

To answer these questions, an analytical instrument will be developed for identifying people-centred opportunities for justice reform and reconciliation. The project includes a variety of methods (quantitative surveys, workshops, interviews, authority mapping, dispute tracking, case mapping, document review) and knowledge sharing activities (reports, presentations, online interactive maps, workshops, lobbying, legislative drafting).

Project results