Research consortium

  • Main applicant: Dr T.F. Magolowondo (Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, The Netherlands) 
  • Co-applicants: Dr S. Moumouni (Centre Malien pour le dialogue inter-partis et la democratie, Mali); Mr F. Nsengimana (The Burundi Leadership Training Program, Burundi)

Project information

This project proposal aims to formulate evidence-informed ideas for improved cooperation between international peacebuilding organizations and political party assistance organizations. Through a comparative analysis of experience in Burundi and Mali opportunities for better cooperation will be identified and concrete recommendations will be made for both peacebuilding and political party support organizations. 

It is increasingly recognized that peacebuilding interventions need to be geared towards reaching long-term political stability, through the promotion of legitimate politics and inclusive democratic development. At the same time political party assistance needs to be sensitive to working in conflict affected settings, in synchronicity with peacebuilding interventions. Securing the inclusive involvement of national political actors in peacebuilding interventions is essential to reach effectiveness and sustainability in their implementation. 

The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy has built extensive networks with international and multilateral organizations in Mali and Burundi, most notably MINUSMA and MENUB respectively. Grounded in its experience of political party assistance in fragile and conflict affected settings, and in close cooperation with its partner organizations the Burundi Leadership Training Programme and the Mali Centre for Interparty Dialogue and Democracy, NIMD will formulate concrete recommendations for improved cooperation between political party assistance and peacebuilding organizations.

Project results