Research consortium

  • Main applicant: Dr M.C. Heinze (Center for Applied Research in Partnership with the Orient, Germany) 
  • Co-applicants: K. Nevens (Saferworld, United Kingdom) and Mr Albukari (Polling Centre, Yemen)

Project information

Traditionally, peacebuilding processes and initiatives in Yemen have overlooked women's security concerns, and prevailing gender norms have excluded women as key interlocutors and facilitators. In the aftermath of the uprisings in 2011, women had been playing new, important roles as local peacebuilders, mediators and political activists. But huge levels of violence have led to these gains being lost and women's participation decreasing once more. Women are adept peacebuilders and have a clear role to play in preventing violence and supporting peace in their localities, but as yet it is unclear what potential for women's engagement in peacebuilding in Yemen exists. Through high quality, locally-led research and collaborative analysis, this project will gather evidence on how the conflict is impacting women, how women are engaged in improving security in their localities, and what opportunities for women's participation in peacebuilding initiatives exist at a local level. This information will provide local practitioners with the insights needed to increase women's engagement in local peacebuilding initiatives, in a gender- and conflict-sensitive way. It will also form recommendations to support the future engagement of the international community on women's participation in post-conflict peace-building efforts, in Yemen and other fragile and conflict-affected states (FCAS).

Project results