Research consortium

  • Main applicant: Dr. ir. M. van Leeuwen (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Centrum voor Internationale Conflictanalyse en -management, the Netherlands)
  • Co-applicants: C. Corbijn (ZOA, the Netherlands) and O. Nduwarugira (MIPAREC, Burundi)

Project information

Local Peace Committees (LPCs) have become an important strategy to promote transitional justice in conflict affected contexts. The decision of development organisations to work with LPCs implies strategic choices, including the kind of justice and type of institutions to be promoted at the local level, and the future role of LPCs. However so far, choices made tend to reflect the implicit assumptions and preferences of (international) intervening organizations, and it remains difficult to assure the involvement and leadership of local stakeholders. This project explores what these assumptions and challenges are, and how local stakeholders can be better engaged in the strategic choices involved in supporting LPCs if decided to do so. To achieve this, it engages with (inter)national development organizations, local civil society, and local government in Cibitoke Province in Burundi, and Uvira territory in eastern DR Congo. The project systematically brings together and popularizes academic findings and practitioners? reflection on those strategic choices; and develops and tests tools that visualise the assumptions often made, and that may help to crystallise the choices involved. To assure wider take-up outside the research area, those tools will be made publicly available.

Project results