Research consortium

  • Main applicant: Prof B. Messick (Colombia University Center for Palestine Studies, United States of America) 
  • Co-applicant: Ms S. Bishara (ADALAH, Israel)

Project information

This project will provide fresh perspectives on access to justice in the occupied Palestinian territory, where human rights litigation must often take place across the border in Israeli courts. The project asks how this cross-border dynamic – with intersecting legal regimes defined by space and personal status - affects rule of law outcomes. The project will focus on cases of a cross-border nature, such as family reunification petitions for Palestinian families on both sides of the border, or confiscation of property in occupied east Jerusalem belonging to Palestinians living elsewhere in the West Bank. Methods will include analysis of case law, statutes, and regulations in various Israeli civilian and military courts and interviews with legal practitioners. The project will develop a tool for new evidence-based insights in the form of a research blog that will excerpt, translate, and analyze important legal materials - many of which have never been translated from Hebrew. The blog will also serve to catalyze discussions among stakeholders by inviting contributions from the community of human rights practitioners working on the occupied Palestinian territory. Finally, a set of workshops for researchers and practitioners will act to crystallize and extend the online conversation started by the blog.

Project results