Research consortium

  • Main applicant: Dr. E.G. Grawert (BICC Bonn International Center for Conversion, Germany)
  • Consortium members: T. Ali, T. Amini and R. Amiri (The Liaison Office, Afghanistan), Dr. M. Mayer and R. Nusrat (International Alert, United Kingdom)

Project information

An international researcher-practitioner consortium, including Afghan and Pakistani researchers, will carry out empirical research on the drivers and challenges of conflict-sensitive employment (CSE) strategies and investment in the labor intensive construction, infrastructure, and transport (CIT) -sector in Afghanistan. In close cooperation with selected companies, pilot schemes on CSE will be established with a particular focus on vulnerable groups. As the key result a concrete strategy how to embed CSE in an investment-strategy will be developed and communicated to key decision-makers in Afghanistan and beyond. The consortium includes three institutions with a strong record of work-experience in conflict settings: BICC brings in its research-capacities, TLO is a leading NGO of grassroots research in Afghanistan and IA brings in its wide network of international stakeholders.

Project results