Research consortium

  • Main applicant: Dr B. Hola (VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands)    
  • Co-applicants: Mr E. Sarabwe (Prison Fellowship Rwanda),  Dr V.E. Eichelsheim (NSCR, the Netherlands)

Project information

A cycle of violence model offers a framework for examining the impact of mass violence and its aftermath on family functioning, parenting and child development. It suggests that violence transfers from one generation to the next; a transfer that takes place within families, on the level of specific communities and/or within a society at large. In this project, the primarily focus will be on disturbed family dynamics generated by mass violence and its aftermath, its potential negative impact on the 'next generations' in terms of breeding tendencies towards future violence, and the potential of community- based sociotherapy programme to prevent this. By using semi-structured interviews, evidence-based insights will be gained into the effects of sociotherapy on familial relationships, the upbringing of children and transfer of violent attitudes. It will be assessed in what ways and with what reasons

sociotherapy can break the cycle of violence. These insights will contribute to better understandings of the consequences of mass violence for future generations, provide policy-relevant tools for redesigning existing strategies to prevent the cycle of violence and ensure emotional and social well-being of particularly women and children in post-conflict settings.

Project results