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Networking  activities

In the framework of our networking activities, we aim to facilitate the exchange and accumulation of knowledge and experiences by building inter-disciplinary, cross-sector networks, thereby contributing to the effectiveness of collaboration and programming as well as the evidence base of current policies. Keywords are:

  • Quality;
  • relevance & innovation;
  • shared interests;
  • opportunities & challenges;
  • cooperation, coordination & learning.

Pitch your ideas for networking activities

Organizations and individuals may take part in network activities by initiating and developing workshops and other knowledge sharing events, brief (scoping) studies, field research, interactive brainstorms, tool development, trainings, etc. with the financial and logistical support of the Platform’s Secretariat. The approval and decisions on funding for these activities fall under the responsibility of the Steering Group of the Platform and take place on a rolling basis. The Secretariat provides a budget of maximum €10.000-, to enable the activities to take place. We encourage you to pitch ideas for networking activities with the Secretariat and engage in developing innovative and forward-looking initiatives!

Criteria for funding


Please note that the 2016 budget for the support of networking activities by the secretariat has been exhausted. Nonetheless, please don't hesitate to pitch any ideas for collaboration or support by the secretariat. We will collect these for assessment and potential support in 2017.