Knowledge Management Fund


The objective of the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL) is to harness the energy and ideas of its community to improve the quality of Security and Rule of Law (SRL) policy and programming, and of people’s lives.

With that intent, the KPSRL is launching the Knowledge Management Fund (KMF) as its new mechanism to support activities. The KMF is a €300,000 annual fund that will award grants of up to €15,000 for events, research ideas and other initiatives that contribute to improving the quality of knowledge generated by the SRL field, and its subsequent uptake.

Application criteria

The KMF is made up of three strands to which you may apply: General, Research, and Innovation. Each strand funds different kinds of activities and initiatives that, collectively, aim to produce original insights to help the Platform improve the quality and uptake of knowledge across its thematic areas.

KMF Thematic Headlines 2017-18

The KMF Thematic Headlines for the 2017-18 period are:

  1. Preventing Conflict and Sustaining Peace
  2. Inequality, Power and Governance
  3. Implementing Goal 16 of the SDGs
  4. Change and Learning Processes

How to apply

Interested parties are asked to complete an application form and budget using the templates below, and submit them via email to William Bennett, can also be contacted via w.bennett@kpsrl.orgif you have any questions regarding the application process.

Once received, the Secretariat will assess proposals based on the criteria outlined above. The Secretariat will provide the applicant with feedback on their proposal along with its funding decision. KMF grants will be awarded according to the following weighting: 40% for General; 25% for Innovation; and 35% for Research. 

All applicants will be notified of the outcomes within three weeks of their submission. If approved, the Secretariat will contact you to discuss deliverables, budgets, and the division of labour between the Secretariat and the applicant(s) in more detail. What is agreed will be drawn up in a contract and signed by the Secretariat and the applicant(s). 

Application deadline

In 2017, there are two rounds of calls with a total of  €150,000 available in each. The first round closed on 31 July 2017. The deadline for the second round is 11 December 2017, Close of Business (17:00 Central European Time).

Frequently Asked Questions

Check the FAQ for any questions. If you have any other questions, please contact Will Bennett via

Avoiding conflicts of interest

KMF proposals submitted by any of the Platform’s consortium partners (The Clingendael Institute, Saferworld and IDLO) are assessed through a separate procedure. Proposals are received by the Secretariat, which checks the proposal for eligibility. Those proposals that meet the eligibility requirements are sent on to the Platform’s Steering Group, whose members assess the proposals according to the stated Criteria.

The assessment of the Steering Group is final and binding.