Steering Group

The Platform’s Steering Group comprises representatives of civil society organizations, knowledge institutions and government. The Steering Group is responsible for ensuring compliance with the aims and objectives of the Platform. It establishes the knowledge agenda of the Platform and ensures it is in line with international developments. It establishes the Annual Plan and Budget of the Platform, takes decisions on thematic foci and the research agenda of the Platform, and instructs the tender organization. 

Office of the Secretariat

The Platform’s Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Platform, by coordinating and organizing workshops and meetings to enhance knowledge exchange and dissemination; granting substantive support and facilitation of the development of the Platform’s research agenda; liaising with the tender organization and by providing support to the Steering Group. The Secretariat is run jointly by the Conflict Research Unit of the Netherlands Institute for International Relations, Clingendael and Saferworld. It is supported by the International Development Law Organization (IDLO). It is based at the offices of the Conflict Research Unit.

  • Picture of Megan Price

    Megan Price

    Head of Office

    +31 (0)70 3141 962

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  • Picture of Alies Rijper

    Alies Rijper

    Research Specialist

    +31 (0)70 3141 958

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  • Picture of Will Bennett

    Will Bennett

    Senior Adviser

    +31 (0)70 3141 964

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  • Picture of Steven Lanting

    Steven Lanting

    Communication & Logistics Specialist

    +31 (0)70 3141 965

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