The Knowledge Platform is reforming its governance structure. Our ambition to strengthen the Platform’s learning capacity and to broaden its diversity and international reach offers us the opportunity to reformulate the governance arrangements to support these goals. We would like to provide a route for Platform participants to have a greater voice through seats on the new Advisory Committee, which will be one of the pillars of the new governance structure.

New Structure

The Advisory Committee (AC) will be formed by eight participants, four selected by the Platform Secretariat and Consortium Partners, and four through an open call to the Platform community. The AC will advise the Secretariat and Consortium Partners on the Platform's Annual Research Agenda, the Annual Thematic headlines, and the content for the Annual Conference. It will play an active role in working towards the KPSRL Strategic Objectives: Innovation in networking; Diversifying participation; Internationalizing the network; and Ensuring the sustainability of the network. In addition, the Advisory Committee will have a specific role in guarding against conflicts of interest in granting Knowledge Management Fund (KMF) awards. While the Advisory Committee will not have decision-making power, the Secretariat is expected to report back on how their advice was taken into account, and explain the rationale for accepting the advice or not.  

​Each member will be asked to serve for two years and is expected to participate in two meetings a year (for which economy travel expenses will be covered). They are also expected to be advocates for the work of the Platform in furthering its strategic objectives and, in particular, expanding its international reach and promoting diversity. The current Chair of the Steering Group will become the Chair of the Advisory Committee and, along with three of the current Steering Group members, will serve for at least one year further (January – December 2018). This will ensure the carry-over of institutional memory, and enable a staggered rotation scheme for the Advisory Committee.

Shortly, a call will go out to the entire Platform community for Advisory Committee applicants. The applications will be reviewed and selected by the current members of the Steering Group. In their selection process the Steering Group will seek to form an AC that is prepared to step outside convention and test boundaries; inclusive of diverse voices, and specifically members from fragile and conflict affected settings; able to prioritize the good of the Platform above their own organizational or personal interests; and able to mobilize new sources of funding to strengthen the sustainability of the Platform.

Read more about the Advisory Committee and the new Governance Structure here.


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